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  1. Porter 7-3 vs Nederland 7-2

    I think this week goes 2-2 but I could see it being either PORTER or Crosby winning and then New Caney
  2. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    I believe the doubleheader is confirmed to be Texas City vs (PNG/Crosby) and Manvel vs. (PORTER/NEDERLAND)   
  3. Official PNG Crosby thread

    If they gonna be goons about it feel free to come to the Crosby Side we're used to people in other colors in our crowd with all the scouts from High Schools and Colleges trying to figure out the sheer talent of MECA. 
  4. We'll see about that best DC in Texas and his defense tonight now won't we. 
  5. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    I mean that's losing a game to a rival that has your number by 1. You can slap that off to a mental block. Crosby got throttled. 
  6. I got a couple problems for you with this one...   But I think it's great we will get to watch Manvel and Crosby win in NRG next week. 
  7. Official PNG Crosby thread

    I'll buy you dinner if that happens. 
  8. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Take your official thread and shove it. my prediction is in the real thread of true fans! 
  9. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    So I have a feeling, maybe a fever.    But I feel the only solution to this amount of NDN disrespect is more COWBELL!    Cougars will walk into Stallworth after getting embarrassed by New Caney with a fire in their belly. The defense will come to play realizing they cannot just rely on the offense to make the game easy for them. The Cougars will make some early stops and will coast to a multiple TD victory.    Final score 63 - 49 Cougars up by 2 TD's most the way but PNG will never give up. 
  10. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    Extra Extra Read all about it the whole NDNation has guaranteed victory. 
  11. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    Vype radio said this game will be at Goose Creek Memorial Staduim so I believe thats Stallworth Memorial stadium at 7pm next Friday.
  12. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    Kwp is bugger than New Caney.    New Caney will be the D2 1 seed. 
  13. The two unbeaten district champs go down in the last day of the season.    Leading to the game of offense, the two best offenses in the region face off.    Neither can play defense so i predict 77-80 final score.    For Crosby to fall to this seed BH had to lose to Porter, Kingwood Park had to win, and Crosby had to lose.    VYPE said Stallworth at 7pm needs confirmation.
  14. CRosby loss to NC. Crosby v PNG next week.
  15. Crosby 38 New Caney 63/FINAL

    NC has executed extremely well all game.  Won like 2 50/50 balls. And their Dline is eating our oline alive right now.  Cougars were passive early on but then tried to turn it on late and figured out that these Eagles are pretty good.    The way we are executing right now we’d get beat by Caney Creek.