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  1. Who are SETX's best returning quarterbacks?

    Johnson's Better, he has the innate ability to carry an offense single-handedly.     
  2. Every Game will matter in 5A D2 - 12.

    Well, we get out of the first round when we get Nederland in round 1, that's for sure. 
  3. One game can make the difference between PNG playing at home against Houston Sharpstown or away against Fort Bend Marshall.    Home field advantage and FB - Marshall, Manvel waiting in the first round makes this season that much better. Being 3rd is a death sentence this year.           
  4. DCTF loves returning QB's that were productive the year before.  That's why Crosby and PNG are so highly rated.  They apparently have this belief that good programs will find players to support their great QB's. 
  5. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    ? Why did you quote Cougar 14.2 then try to tell me to do something?   
  6. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    290, not sure why you are explaining what a D1 prospect is. Howards a good QB but not a top-flight recruit. I don't even have to defend that the metrics exist. As you put above it's about what the recruiters and college coaches think. What top flight Junior QB is without a major offer?  Roschon's a Texas commit. Done finished, toasted over.  As far as the running back debate it's close but I'll still take Craig over Austin even after seeing all 4 years of both of those backs. Austin didn't have elite speed but had elite quickness and good speed was a great back. 
  7. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Objectively False  Example "The two unbeaten district champs go down in the last day of the season.    Leading to the game of offense, the two best offenses in the region face off.    Neither can play defense so i predict 77-80 final score.    For Crosby to fall to this seed BH had to lose to Porter, Kingwood Park had to win, and Crosby had to lose.    VYPE said Stallworth at 7pm needs confirmation."  Actual quote from me about PNG- Crosby game.  More importantly, learn to read.   
  8. 12-5A D2 Predictions

          Or You know was in middle school...  :thinking:
  9. This is extremely surprising this game was this close. Almost a huge upset. 
  10. Good win Ozen, Crosby boys started so hot and just cooled off and lost steam not sure whats up with that. 
  11. Baytown Mega Scool

    Not defending his comment above but no scouts are going to the Sterling Game to watch sterling players. The two times you probably had scouts watching yall last year you got destroyed by Atascocita and North Shore.    Crosby will have scouts at the Manvel game, at the PNG game, at the Angleton Game and if they move deeper into the playoffs in the playoffs. They could also realistically win 2 of those games and the kids would be showcased.    So no winning a playoff game or two doesn't, pulling high-quality preseason opponents and playing against D1 kids in games you have a chance to win is the quickest way to increase your profile. 
  12. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Literally two years ago.  Netherly, Craig, Patterson, all the Dbacks on that team were extremely fast. Our team speed is not going to be as quick, but that really doesn't prove anything.  Yes, Woodard is a burner? Like do you see what you type? Dudes gonna be a great route runner and possession receiver that's why his nickname is "Little Witten". I get it why people think you have zero clue of what you're talking about.    **unrelated point.** if Calvin Hill is at Crosby and gets cleared that would be a huge boon for the Cougars and would definitely set us up to play with anyone in the district that kid is extremely good. 
  13. TSWA All State 5A

    First Team: John Stephen Jones, Highland Park, 5-11, 190, sr. Second Team: (tie) Kason Martin, Manvel, 6-4, 205, sr.; Spencer Sanders, Denton Ryan, 6-2, 195, sr. Hard to argue against the QBs on the List too.  Not on the Honorable Mentions list makes me think his name wasn't submitted for some reason. 
  14. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    I have such a hard time trying to figure this district out...   As long as Roschon is the QB of PNG they have to be favorites IMO.  Crosby will not be as explosive as it was last year, but the system works and we are pretty darn good when we play within that system. Our defense will get better (it really couldn't get worse.) Our O-Line sounds like it's gonna be good for our system. No Craig Williams or Cedric Patterson's on this team. The Wide-out from Sterling moving in sounds interesting but that's one of those time will tell pieces. I think we will be solid at the RB position but again he's not Craig. Wide-outs I like, and feel confident Crosby will keep getting kids that can catch the ball.    Crosby's success this year will revolve around 4 factors for me.  D-Line has to get bigger, stronger and meaner to play in this district and with our preseason schedule.  Dbacks have to play better this year.  Can our O-line open holes for the running game. It won't be like last year where after .5s Craig is already in the third level, and our Wide outs are going to have to block at a solid level to help us spread the field even more.  Howard he has to make the smart reads and distribute the football if he tries to do to much he will kill any chance we have to win. No Mannie style QB play that will get him killed and will hurt our offense, so far he's shown the ability to do this and do this well.    >this looks to be the fastest team Crosby will put on the field since Riordan has taken over.   No... 
  15. Possible realignment

    All the mocks have assumed 7-9 team districts. in d2.