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  1. You read Dave Campbell too much. I believe we will be 2nd or better. As long as our 3 year starting QB doesn’t get hurt we will be fine. I believe the back up will be a good one also. 4 of our receivers will be back they made all district last year. It’s gonna be hard for me to believe that anyone in our district will be able to cover  everyone one of them. Teams will have to pressure the quarter back. Our rushing attack was lacking last year that will have to improve. Our defense gave up least points during district. We have 7 starters on both sides of the ball. Splendora and Huffman should be the only challenges for LCM during district. 
  2. Wos jumbotron

    Most of the WOS fans on here prob don’t even live In the school district. 
  3. Wos jumbotron

    I doubt they would merge. It would be more like Texas City isd over LAmarque. 
  4. Not really talking about them competing for the job more like posters going back and forth all year.  
  5. Another QB debacle. That doesn’t sound fun. 
  6. Scrimmage Schedule

    It’s Aug 22. TBA on the time 
  7. I heard that y’all might be getting a LCM transfer. He was all district last year I believe. 
  8. 11 4A DISTRICT

    I like the i formation. We ran it before we dropped down. We will see if turns out better for them 
  9. 11 4A DISTRICT

    They look okay. I like the bird on the side of the Helmet better  
  10. Oh okay. I’m ready to see if they improve from last year. 
  11. 11 4A DISTRICT

    Well in the I offense you should be throwing a little more. I’m ready to see those Cards. I’m my honest opinion the wing t was a good fit for y’all. 
  12. 11 4A DISTRICT

    Well our 2nd string  QB is playing at East Texas Baptist . Maybe a Qb coach or different style of  offense would have helped a long the way or maybe not. But we have Senior back this year hopefully he worked on his throwing 
  13. Splendora the second time in our district is better then they were. There area is growing from what I hear and probably be back up in 5a. Im looking forward to playing them this year. We should have never lost last year to them.