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  1. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    Stacy Brister she will be taken it over in January . LCM hired within for the job.     
  2. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    No doubt I think he’s a great person. 
  3. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    But we would probably get the same results. 
  4. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    30 to 40k probaby wouldn’t be a large raise for teachers. But I wonder how much tax money it would save in 10 years?
  5. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    He was making 97k last year got 3k raise. Trust me there is not a lot of Lcm fans that don’t  post on here but the talk in the stands is they want a change 
  6. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    New supertendant coming in I expect a change. It’s sad we pay our coach more money then coach T
  7. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    He is the most knowledgeable person over WOS football on this site. Coach T approved this message.
  8. Livingston @ Jasper

    There is no way 12 4a will sweep 11 4a. Lumberton and Huffman just beat the doors off of two Houston schools. 
  9. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    I agree. with LCM paying a 100k a year. I expect the program to be better. I mean we are paying higher then a lot of schools in our area
  10. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    Agree with you at certain point. But imo if you got a guy that makes a 100k year that go 0-10 on a regular basis and the program never shows life of improvement why not save the tax payer some money and just pay a guy 30 to 40k less. I rather give our teachers a pay raise then pay a huge amount to AD if the program is mediocre.
  11. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    According to last article Sutherland makes 87,900 2016-2017 year  
  12. An early goodbye

    Good luck. Y’all pay well? I might need a new job. Lol
  13. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    Never said it would be
  14. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    Wow Lcm making higher pay then a 6a