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  1. I agree with you on the wing t if our was Coach Matthews. During our Bojo years that’s what moody installed thinking we were Permian lol I would like my Bears to play better ball like our neighbors but I think we have issues in doing that
  2. Lol We will see. It’s feels  good to talk football. this year seems to be dragging by for me
  3. Yes he did along with 20 other seniors. Our Qb will be back and is Jr. IMO he was faster than winters. Also we had a transfer from louisanna that played On Jv last year the kid was good and could have started at safety. I’m assuming he wasn’t eligible To be on varsity. But to be honest LCM will be down but playing against teams like Bridge City, LUmberton, splendora  we should never lose to teams like that. But if we get in the Wing t this year we will be 0-10
  4. Y’all should be the favorite. But I don’t think it’s going to be a automatic win. We got one guy on the team that y’all probably can’t catch lol
  5. We will see Lumberton doesn’t have a history of beating LCM. Our 1 horse should out run them all lol
  6. Don't be surprised if there is some QB changes at LCM
  7. Silsbee backfield

    I don’t ever remember Lumberton being solid at the wing t. They ran an I formation and spread when they had success 
  8. Argyle 14 Jasper 4/FINAL

    Tough game for the Bulldogs. Argyle must have a good team
  9. H-F on the rise

    HJ will beat HF
  10. Orange bulldogs

    I was wondering if anyone has any information on them and what league they play in. 
  11. Coach Griffith

    Get well Coach
  12. You don't think Dubose was a good coach? He had a rough year last year