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  1. LCM VS Huntington

    LCM wins the second game 11-7. LCM finishes there pre-district schedule 18-3. 
  2. Congrats to the LCM boys and girls and good luck in the playoffs
  3. Wow.... kinda  what Dayton did I hope it turns out better for him
  4. I see what I done I read it wrong LCM record is 14-1. I apologize 
  5. Wow twitter was wrong. Unless I got softball mixed up
  6. Where was  Louis coaching prior?
  7. Yeah looking at it from that point it would be hard to defend. Euless Trinty runs the ball heavy and they have a good program. It might be the best fit 
  8. I never really cared for the wing t. I guess because LCM was horrible in it. Had our first  winless season running it and crouch tried it 3-7 season. The spread at LCM was able to atleast move the ball for us. Now I do like split back veer with 3 wideouts. It would be interesting to watch if he could getting that offense to click there. I wonder how many 6a run the wing t
  9. I was at the Ozen and vidor game this past year and that does not  look like the same Qb. I think the Qb number was 24?
  10. I see him running the ball just not in the wing t. Unless yall don't have a QB that cant throw. Yes he has been a run guy but I have not seen a vidor qb that could actually throw the ball down the field and spread you out. 
  11. If its Matthews, IMO It would be good hire. I know some folks will disagree with me but he gets the most out of those kids without throwing the ball. The talent that BMT has I think he would probably excel if the community can buy into the program. He would need a good a DC. I'm sure the offense style would change. He does have losing overall record to Ozen and Central but looking at the scores they were competitive games at least  most of them. 
  12. I remember while back I was joking around about him applying.... Is there any truth that he is on the list?