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  1. LC-M final score was higher than Lumberton. We should have competed in 5a lol
  2. Jasper Bridge City LCM Huffman They all have made it to the finals!
  3. The coach debate

    To answer your question. LCM school tax is probably one the highest in the county last I checked a few years ago. The “trash”  that you speak about in football has a overall winning record over Vidor, orangefield and Bridge City. If we are trash what are they? With WOS leading the wins in OC we are at 2nd.  LC-M did bring up Crouch at the school board from what I Hear and one board member was oppose of not making any changes. There’s have been plenty of people complaining. I’d rather pay higher taxes for a winning coach for my trash of neighbor hood lol. 
  4. A parade for the mustangs

    Hey now be easy only  one mustang fan wants a parade lol. Maybe after all attitude is right they can follow the Cleveland Browns in a parade haha.
  5. Your a comical person. You might enjoy taking shots at LCM, which is fine. But how is that parade coming along or the 300 people that agree with you? Did you even graduate from WOS or you just riding along with the mustangs? You know there's a reason why citizens moved out of WOS school district or pay to send them to LCM, and have you ever wondered why?. You know your right maybe LCM doesn't work hard on the football field but maybe the parents wanted their child to  work harder academically and be challenged  in the classroom. I'm not going to insult WOS by any means just because you like to down grade LCM to make yourself feel better.  
  6. Flag football

    I was wondering what the ages are for flag football? 
  7. Yeah I agree. I think it will be a longer year for my Bears lol
  8. A parade for the mustangs

    I did scout Gilmer.. I was kind of Shocked that yalls high school was not updated. But the football field looked great
  9. A parade for the mustangs

    I drove through there yesterday and it looked nice. I was looking for property in east Texas. 
  10. A parade for the mustangs

    Is Spring Hill north of Longview?
  11. Hey man why don’t you  go work on your parade and while your at it go ahead and order  some state championship rings for your WOS kids. 
  12. The coach debate

    Are you an old football coach? Also do you know any state championship teams that won one with the least amount of talent?   
  13. A parade for the mustangs

    He wont listen to anyone. lol