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  1. Congrats to the new coach  and nothing against him but I have feeling in 3 to 4 years there will probably be another opening unless he can really win there. Good luck unless your playing the Bears
  2. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Its hard to beat those guys in baseball
  3. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    The first game we lost control and I think everyone thought the game would be cancelled. The second game we lacked pitching to keep us in that game. Robinson had a outstanding team and I thought they would have won the state championship that year
  4. Jasper new video score board

    Ours is 10’6 x36 
  5. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Gonna be a good match up. Waco Robinson knocked us out few years ago. Waco had some talented players then
  6. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    Oh okay, maybe I misunderstood. My apologies 
  7. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    This isn’t really my fight and you might be an older gentleman but volleyball does have youth sport. 3rd to 8th grade they also offer tennis.  
  8. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    Okay I doubt I’ll make the game. I’ll be at WOS games this year. I’ll meet you half way because I don’t know how close you live to the OC lol
  9. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I’ll wager on that game. Lol Hunt is 42-313 since 1982. Get with me the week of the game and we can work this out...
  10. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    They will beat Huntington lol
  11. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I’m not knocking Livingston I just it think it might be hard with a  new coach and a new system. What kind of offense does the new head coach run? I did not see one game last year of Livingstons team. I’m just going by them being 0-9. Other than jasper and liberty predistrict is pretty winnable. Our district is going to be pretty weak compared to east Texas we should win bi district but I don’t see anyone going passed that point. Lumberton and Huffman will probably be at the top in our district     
  12. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I think the first year will be building year and it will be competitive game. I think they could go 4-6 which is a lot better then last year
  13. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    2nd  place that’s a little high for the 1st year. I think they will only beat splendora and maybe Bridge City. LCM losing 20 something seniors returning only 6 I think still has shot at beating them unless we are really down 
  14. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I watched the interview. Sounds like a good guy and probably the best hire this late in the season.  I wish Livingston the best of luck except against my Bears. 
  15. LCM

    Ferg510 and fergton y’all must be family anyways any ideas on who’s going to get a supertendant spot?