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  1. No I was just pointing out when I think we can win. If I think we are gonna get beat I’m gonna say it. I don’t live in a bubble of little cypress. Things will have to change at LCM to be dominant in certain sports. 
  2. Go LCM!  We got a team we can beat! There’s my support !
  3. Lumberton At Silsbee

    Lumberton girls b-ball team played for a state championship. I think they have a good ping pong team    
  4. I called this already earlier in the thread. so again congrats to Silsbee. 
  5. Surratt was at LCM in 1994 and we  went 10-0 and district champs we should have hired that guy. 
  6. Don’t get me wrong I played some b-ball back in the day. For some reason I can’t get into it anymore. I don’t even watch college or NBA. 
  7. Ah I really don’t keep up with basket ball. I saw WOS and LCM play and probably won’t watch another game this year. After football is over I look forward to baseball 
  8. I thought it was within 10 points? 
  9. I agree. LCM and WOS imo are about even in b-ball. The sad thing is even if we combined Lcm and WOS varsity squad silsbee would still beat us. 
  10. I’m really surprised by the score WOS and Silsbee. Wos must had good night
  11. Back this isn’t football where LCM would have a chance to win. Silsbee is good at basket ball
  12. He’s a WOS guy. LCM does not have the talent to keep up with silsbee. Bridges would have to score 60 to keep up