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  1. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    I just got mine at Kroger’s in Orange. 
  2. It would be the 4th RD.  #1 AND #2 are on opposite sides of the brackets.
  3. Argyle 14 Jasper 4/FINAL

    Is Argyle throwing their stud pitcher.?
  4. Argyle 14 Jasper 4/FINAL

    Is he Jasper best pitcher?
  5. Jasper vs Godley

    UIL has Jasper/Argyle
  6. And didn't he win gold medals in the relays couple years in a row? 
  7. That’s what I thought.  Cardinalbacker wrong again.  Lol 
  8. Did argyle have to forfeit the game?  If not WOS didn’t when a state championship in baseball then.  
  9. In Texas that’s the only thing that counts.  
  10. He never mentioned that WOS wouldn’t have beat some D1 teams. I know one D1 team that WOS always beats.  Lol. 
  11. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    1-4 at best but could be 0-5 
  12. congrats Silsbee Tigers.  The last 4 years has been very good to Southeast Texas teams.