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  1. Matchups I would love to see

    Exactly, when we dropped(03, I believe) we were preseason #1. We lose our first game to #2 Jasper, make a good run after that, then get bounced in the first round against Huffman Hargrave. Just goes to show that dropping down doesn't guarantee you success.
  2. Matchups I would love to see

    Oh, didn't realize they were so close to 4A. What was their last enrollment? Is Woodville growing because of the Lumberton area growth?
  3. Matchups I would love to see

    Woodville is 3A or 2A now?
  4. Anything on Robinson/China Spring?
  5. West Orange Stark 2017

    I don't believe they were that good when they bounced us, they had that good running back(can't remeber his name) but seemed we strolled in there looking ahead. Same with the (03 I think) loss to Hargrave in the dome first round.
  6. West Orange Stark 2017

    As do y'all.
  7. West Orange Stark 2017

    How many do y'all have now, Dogs12345? 6 or 7? We have 4 with 7 appearances. We have a while to catch up to y'all.
  8. West Orange Stark 2017

    Coming from a Carthage fan, that speaks a lot! Thanks for the respect, just like we respect y'all. Both of our programs are always on a different level along with the Gilmers and such. Look at y'all last year, everyone pretty much wrote y'all off, then what do y'all do?? Brought another trophy back!
  9. District 22-4A Shame

    Guys, that's not what Cardinalbacker is saying for the love of all thing Holy. He is pointing out that these guys, the ups, already take enough crap. Their whole existence is judgement calls. Last I checked there is no instant replay in HS baseball, hell, any baseball. He is saying that riding the up all game will NOT help in the decision making of his said calls. And it might actually be detrimental to the team that is doing it. Not in spite from the ump, but just the ump getting fed up in general. Now, with that said, we all saw the pitch and all of us can agree it was a strike, probably CS people also. But that is baseball, it doesn't always go your way. CB is trying to say that riding an ump all day won't help the cause period, even if he shakes it off!!
  10. It's hard to see if the pitch was a little outside or a little in. But the heighth was spot on. Man, looked like a perfect, "down the pike" strike. I said earlier we used to call that a "blank high" fastball. That's the one you want to hit. The "blank" is another word for a rooster. Don't want to say the real thing on here, family site and all. Lol. Let's just say when they fight roosters, they call them "blank" fights. Fill in the blank. Lol
  11. Matchups I would love to see

    My "bucket list" of teams I've always wanted WOS to play has been fulfilled the past few years(Cuero, Sinton, Celina and Sweet Water) Now to find some others. Stephenville and Brownwood maybe? 
  12. Matchups I would love to see

    Good lawd!! WOS vs. an El Paso team? Even if they met half way, WOS could play a team in Georgia and El Paso could play a game in California and it would be a closer trip! Lol!!! Orange to El Paso. 857 miles.......
  13. District 22-4A Shame

    These are kids. Most of them young. Emotions happen, especially at their age. The ending of last nights game, though not condoning actions whatsoever, put the teenagers emotions in overdrive. Let's all look back when we were 14-18 years old, did we make the best decisions at the spur of a momment?? I know I didn't. Maturity comes with age. Thanks to the quick actions of the coaches and some fans that helped get the situation under control, because it could have been way worse. And to speak about some parents getting upset, etc. I don't believe in cussing, etc at the umps what so ever but if that was my my child that was robbed, I would be a little upset also. Unless any of us "bystanders" are in that situation, we wouldn't know how we would react. Speculation and assumptions only cause more damage and misunderstanding. Remeber, once again, these are that aren't playing for money or fame, rather, the love of the game. Putting everything on the line with their hearts and soul.
  14. *22-4A ALL DISTRICT*

    Congrats to all the players and Coach on the list. Pretty tough to pick in our district.