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  1. Faith Family vs Yates

    Welp Decatur didn’t do their part. Ugly game. Good luck to the remaining teams.
  2. Faith Family vs Yates

    You seem confident it will be a blowout. So set the line and give me Decatur and the points. No go on Liberty Hill.   It’s funny how these slow, unathleitc, half court teams like Brock, Ponder, and Argyle don’t look the part yet seem to keep winning championships.   Decatur will give Yates/FF a game. I will be shocked if they don’t.
  3. Faith Family vs Yates

    I think Decatur might surprise some people and it might not be as big of an upset as some think if they win it all. They have some length, play very solid defense and are well coached. Similar to Argyle teams of the past. But one difference is I think they will push the ball and look for easy baskets more in transition than your typical walk it up the court and run your half court sets. Yates/FF May negate that though. Should be interesting.
  4. Predictions for state games

    Today’s games- Nazareth  Slidell East Chambers SA Cole Timberview Wagner   
  5. Graham vs argyle

    Somewhat surprising but Argyle was not as strong this year as years past. I think Decatur is a team that “could” possibly give Silsbee a challenge. Not sure If they have enough to win but I think it could be interesting. 
  6. So if you were the coach of Lumberton, you would try to run and gun with Silsbee? You have to put your team in the best position to win the game. Trying to run with Silsbee isn’t it.  
  7. I’m GUESSING Duane moves on after this year. I don’t see him sticking this out if the cupboard is as bare as everyone is saying. A coach like him won’t have trouble landing in a better situation.  
  8. Lipan

    Actually they played Three Way. It’s a tiny ISD outside of Stephenville. 
  9. They might come out of Region IV because it is generally the weakest region, but I was extremely unimpressed the one time I saw Liberty Hill this year. Silsbee would run them out of the gym. Decatur is an interesting team who looks to be the favorite out of Region 1. They have a 6’7 or so post that can play, a guard/forward who is solid and they play really solid team defense. Most importantly they play really well together and are extremely, extremely well coached.  I think they had a better team two years ago. They were district champs that year, Argyle finished second and we know how tough they were at the state tournament.   Anyways, Silsbee/Decatur would be an interesting matchup similar to the matchup with Silsbee/Argyle two years ago.
  10. Was that A. Farias led team? He could play.
  11. Hardin and Anahuac fluctuated between 2A and 3A in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  EC stayed 2A.  
  12. They had some kids they could go from 2000-2004 ish. Think they moved up in class around 2004 which slowed their success, then the loss of Joubert obviously hurt.
  13. Saratoga West Hardin

    No it was after that around 2001-2004 or 05.  They had a couple of 8-2, 7-3 type seasons which is about the best there ever had in back to back seasons. Westfall didn't get there until 04 or 05.