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  1. The coach is not holding the kid hostage.  There are rules put down by the UIL that you must follow.  Transfer without moving, you have to sit out. If we don't like the rules try to change them.  
  2. Lincoln went to uil tournament 11 times with 7 champs and 1 time in the PVIL with 1 champ.
  3. Agree with Lincoln and Beaumont Hebert. I just was naming schools still in existence.
  4. if we are talking hardware as being the best program, basketball would go with Kountze not silsbee. (yes I am a Homer). Kountze - 11 state tournament appearances with 4 championships Silsbee - 8 appearances with 2 championships H-J - 7 times with 3 championships.  
  5. Saratoga West Hardin

    At 10 and 20 years experience, West hardin pays better than my alma mater-Kountze.
  6. The title does not say just high school athlete,  but I believe he is in the conversation for sure.  
  7. Not hating. I just noted that if you look at the results page of the state track meet, he is not given credit for setting any record.  The wind speed must be less than 2.3 mph for a record to be set.  I don't hate on any student athletes. If you look at the 6A 4x200 you will see that 1st and 2nd place both have the designation of beating the national record, but only first place will be listed from now on.
  8. I was under the impression that due to the wind speed, his time would not be officially recognized as a state or national record.  Still faster than I could do on a bicycle and impressive as heck.
  9. If it is true that he video taped them without their knowledge, and it was my daughter, this thread would be about what my punishment should be.
  10. Livingston is Open

    71 AND 76.  That's even further back than HD's that everyone tries to make fun of? BH was class A then.  I still believe it is a great accomplishment. If it was mainly athletes, why did it take a different coach for Desoto to win it all. Takes a combination of both.

    Basketball!!! see above!

    Talking just basketball here.  Are you saying better as in they beat Kountze when they play, or better as in winning more?  I dont know head to head record, but since 2008, Kountze has had better seasons on average.  Remember, HJ has 656 students while Kountze has 331. Kountze has averaged going 3.91 rounds in the playoffs, while HJ has averaged going 3.36 rounds. Kountze has only failed to make the third round one time in this stretch. They have not lost in the first round. I did just look at this years schedule and see that Kountze beat HJ in the only match up this year. I agree with almost every other sport and probably academics. Although our Rodeo team is better:)
  13. Could Chicago's high crime rate

    the cities with the most killings, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore have been run by democrats for the better part of 4 decades.  I am not saying that is a reason for the shootings, just a verifiable fact.  The last day without a shooting in Chicago was Feb. 28, 2015.  The temp was -10 on that day. last republican mayor left office in 1931. 

    I thought Kountze made the playoffs with Tracy Franklin both years.  Am I wrong? I would consider that success. However, I do think Duane is a great coach. By the way, those are the only playoff appearances since the 70's.
  15. Schedule Changes- 4/13

    I was trying to find this rule.  Can you let me know where it talks about the curfew?  I checked UIL and TEA and only found restrictions for post season play.