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  1. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Asinine! Go back and look. They have not played one team smaller than them in non district since at least 2002. some of the teams that they have played: Tatum, Henderson, WOS, Silsbee, Jasper, Corrigan, CARTHAGE. They usually play on of the toughest schedules around.

    Check out Anthony to Crane: 311 miles through the mountains. Long Tuesday nights!
  3. 22-4A/24-4A/21-3A History

    Anyone want to guess which coach made the state tournament on this list the most times? Hint: He did it with two schools for their only trips on the list!
  4. Texas 10 Highest Paid HS Football Coaches

    Teacher's UNIONS.  No such thing in Texas. The state sets the teacher pay and then each school district can supplement if they chose
  5. Cutoff Numbers

    My prediction for HD: HD, DEWEYVILLE, WEST SABINE,SAN AUGUSTINE, SHELBYVILLE   They could go other direction to Normangee, but that looks even further.  
  6. All-District teams

    Will there be a place on the sight to post them?  What are your opinions on the all-district teams? How many should be 1st team?, 2nd? etc.? I know a 6a district with seven teams (ours), where offense has 25 1st teamers and 21 2nd teamers, while defense has 26 1st teamers and 18 2nd teamers! Seems watered down to me.  I would like to see it go back to 11 and 11. 
  7. Silsbee # 23 cheap hit on Jasper QB

    I have not read all pages so this may have already come up.  They have a new rule, which I hate, that protects a defenseless player.  We had it called last year because we blocked the safety on a kickoff.  He was just jogging and not paying attention. Definitely should have been flagged. Now if he had been carrying out a fake, that would be a different story.
  8. Kirbyville prayers

    they still have not confirmed suicide. Still waiting on gsr results. Since super arrived: ad left, asst. principal, and jr high principal. Shredding truck shows up day after order not to destroy. Video surveillance broken. 4 days to give a statement to police. If you read the asst pricipals resignation, he makes several points that I think could  definitely win a civil suit if it was sought.
  9. De Soto Coach to Be Fired!?

    either 3 or 4 of the members are up for re-election THIS year.
  10. Kirbyville open Neece turns in resignation

    it may not be 40,000 pay cut, but I would bet it is at least 20,000.  But if money mattered to teachers and coaches, they probably would not be teachers and coaches.
  11. PNG Colors

    They must have a tremendous athletic budget!
  12. This is not even a law!!!!!!! The senate passed it to the House, but the House rejected it.  2 new "Tebow" bills have been introduced this year, but the HS parents are fighting it due to the standardized test requirement and having to file a report each 6 weeks saying that they are passing.
  13. The senate passed it, but the home-school parents are fighting it.  They added to the original plan that the home-school student had to pass a standardized test to prove their grade level.  
  14. Come on Thorndale!! Big Bobby Sugg is an assistant at Thorndale.
  15. at current numbers, 1750 would be right at the cutoff (129 d2, 124 d1)  Of course some schools would try to opt up to stay with other schools in the ISD.