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  1.     Can't wait to see who they do next!
  2. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Nederland should get a W if they dont come out flat like last week
  3. Port Neches-Groves 34 Nederland 21/FINAL

    Moral victory man to the rescue! Arent you a grown man? Geesh!  
  4. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    Means the coach is scared of a big return. Scared aint the way to coach
  5. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    Everythings been said already.  PNG SIDE- Shug gonna get yall  NED SIDE- Nuh Uh! Yall D is poo and your coach cracks! WE are gonna get YALL! PNG- This year is different  NED- Believe it when I see it
  6. Ok for moderators I guess

    I pity the fool. And that guy is one clown ass arse fool
  7. PNG@The Hill

    That's a double negative. You DO own purple items! 
  8. PNG/rumors

    Copy and paste bro, copy and paste lol

      Using your talented athletes both ways and subbing makes sense. Which is precisely why PNG don't do it. It took Crosby putting up 69 to get Hughes on CB in the playoffs last year. They had a rb run a 70 yard TD and never put him back in until trash time last game. Roschon hasnt even had a run like that this year. IF IT WORKS OR MAKES SENSE, PNG SAYS HELL WITH IT!
  10. PNG@The Hill

    You right! You right! Ill make it more appropriate for the group next go round!
  11. PNG@The Hill

  12. PNG/rumors

  13. Barbers Hill New Mascot

  14. Barbers Hill New Mascot

    Actual video on how Barbers Hill caught PNG    
  15. Barbers Hill New Mascot

      There's enough snitches to go around!!!