Southeast Texas Football Team Histories

A season by season rundown of the storied histories of the teams of Southeast Texas!

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    • BigWolf10  »  BMTSoulja1

      Dude that's one friendly looking wolf. I gotta laugh to keep from exploding. They trying to make these kids soft?
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    • Socrates  »  WOSgrad

      Tarkington vs Houston Wheatley
      One game at Tarkington, Friday at 5:00
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    • CardinalBacker  »  PlayActionPass

      The question is, was one of those STAR players hurt in an unnecessary drill?
      Was this STAR football player also a STAR baseball player?
      Did both of DuBois kids graduate?
      Was there a POWER struggle between football and baseball? Because if there was, then Baseball was always going to win that battle in BC."
      The kid that got hurt didn't play baseball.  Dubois's younger son will graduate in May.  The older kid only attended BC during his senior year.
      Here's the rub, and I'd rather not put the kid that got hurt on blast.  He's a really, REALLY talented kid that has a lot of problems... The kid somehow managed to fail the 8th grade or he would have graduated with my son in 2017. He participated in two events in the state relays as a sophomore.  He was out on bail for a DWI that he got while driving the $50k pickup his folks got for him when he failed out and was unable to return to the state track meet in 2017 as a junior.  I'm drawing a picture of a kid that is really funny, supremely talented, spoiled, and totally unmotivated.... 
      I wasn't at practice the day he was hurt... but i have a good friend that was there.  I'm just relaying the information as it was given to me at this point.  This kid was apparently out-of-line (which was a common occurrence with him) so Dubois punished him by sending him over to practice with the JV squad.  He was practicing with the JV squad, not the varsity when he got his leg broken.  The story goes that Dubois sent him over there, then the teams got back together and some kid had gotten the best of the star kid... so the star kid went back over to the JV area to go at it again (we're talking coverage, not a fight) and it was during this time that he was injured. Nobody is even sure if Dubois knew where this kid was when the accident happened.  That ends the part of the story that I'm not certain about.
      I talked with the kid's dad at the football game that Friday, and he specifically told me that the accident shouldn't have ever happened because the kid should never have been over there to get hurt in the first place.  The Dad told me that the coach had ruined his son's career by punishing him, basically. The belief was fairly widely held around here.  
      I personally think that WOS's old baseball coach coming to BC and our old baseball coach wanting to move into administration have a lot to do with the changes.  
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    • TradenupBH  »  Rockies3293

      Cullen Kirkland OF
      John Cebara IF
      Isreal Garcia IF
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    • Texas Rebel  »  WOSgrad

      Didn't mean for my comments to be taken as bashing but have also asked for my posts to be removed so that it was taken that way only meant it as an opinion to discussions we were having. Again sorry it was taken that way but would really appreciate my info being removed.
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