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    • Texas Rebel  »  WOSgrad

      Didn't mean for my comments to be taken as bashing but have also asked for my posts to be removed so that it was taken that way only meant it as an opinion to discussions we were having. Again sorry it was taken that way but would really appreciate my info being removed.
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    • AHUDDLESTON  »  PhatMack19

      Did either team play earlier this week?  Did not want this question to go public.
      · 2 replies
    • Coach 18  »  WOSgrad

      I can't figure out how to edit my post but the Buna - Bob Hope final should be 7-0 in a forfeiture. 
      · 2 replies
    • Socrates  »  Critter

      Tarkington has 4 home runs      Comstock 3, Deck 1
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    • bear  »  AHUDDLESTON

      Mr. Huddleston,
      coach griff from lcm here. lots of good info on setxsports for us to use to keep up with baseball in our area. thanks for that.
      this one thing bothers me every time i look at this history page.
      bridge city's playoff wins are counted by playoff game wins.  all others are counted by playoff series wins. which unjustly makes bc way ahead of all others.
      lcm has 67 playoff game wins (62 of those since the year this history starts) (apples to apples to with bc) but history does not read that way on here
      just sharing thoughts
      have mentioned to the original author before
      · 3 replies