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  2. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    WEST HARDIN 7on7 SQT Pool A: West Hardin  Mount Enterprise Deweyville  Frankston Pool B: Lovelady Ganado Shelbyville Burton 9:00 am Mount Enterprise vs. West Hardin (Scoreboard side of the field) Lovelady vs. Ganado (105 side of the field 10:00 am Deweyville vs. Frankston (Scoreboard side of the field) Shelbyville vs. Burton (105 side of the field) 11:00 am Deweyville vs. West Hardin (Scoreboard side of the field) Shelbyville vs. Lovelady (105 side of the field) 12:00 Frankston vs. Mount Enterprise (Scoreboard side of the field) Burton vs. Ganado (105 side of the field) 1:00 West Hardin vs. Frankston (Scoreboard side of the field) Lovelady vs. Burton (105 side of the field) 2:00 Mount Enterprise vs. Deweyville (Scoreboard side of the field) Ganado vs. Shelbyville (105 side of the field) 3:00 Winner of Pool B vs. Winner of Pool A (Scoreboard side of the field)
  3. Perhaps, but their is still plenty.
  4. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Gonna be a good match up. Waco Robinson knocked us out few years ago. Waco had some talented players then
  5. NCAA Softball Regionals

    All 16 seeded softball teams advance to NCAA super regionals ... 9 from SEC,  5 from Pac-12, defending champion Oklahoma & Florida State 
  6. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    I really think Jasper has a pretty good shot to be the first local team knock off Robinson since the Jeff Bennett led Bobcats did so way back in the 2010 Regional Semifinals. Been saying all year this Jasper team is one of the best in Region 3, and they weren't getting the credit they deserve. This series should determine the region 3 champ.
  7. 2018 STJFL

    It's that time of year again. Let the games begin. Lol
  8. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    I talked with a guy from Robinson. He said their players all use the same bat. This could cause some trouble for Jasper. Good luck Dawgs. 
  9. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    How is GCM looking this year, any reason to be optimistic?
  10. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Will the "U" be there? 
  11. Cavs/Celtics

    I would let one of the 3s go if it involves getting Anthony Davis. Otherwise, Brad finds a way to get them all in the right situation. 
  12. What happened tonight isn't so much on Houston. They didn't play very well, but that isn't the problem. This is what the NBA is now. They (GS) have 4 stars. 2 superstars, but 4 stars, nonetheless. Nobody is beating them 4 out of 7. 
  13. NCAA Softball Regionals

  14. Time to let this thread die.  On to the next round....
  15. Yesterday
  16. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Pool 1 standings 1.wb 2.Silsbee 3. GCM 4.Ned 5.Dayton
  17. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Good luck Jasper
  18. This site has lost a lot of traffic over the last few years it seems. 
  19. Game has changed to 3 pm now. BH graduates that night.
  20. BH Vs. Elgin

    BH vs Elgin Softball Region 3 Finals G1 - Wednesday @ 6pm G2/G3 - Thursday @ 5pm/7pm (if necessary) All Games at Weimar Highschool 
  21. Regional Semifinal Info/Please post here

    Jasper vs Waco Robinson All games at Montgomery HS Game 1 Thursday 7:00  Game 2 Friday 5:00 Game 3 30 minutes after (if nec)
  22. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Jasper/Robinson All games at Montgomery HS Game 1 Thursday 7:00  Game 2 Friday 5:00  Game 3 30 minutes after (if nec)
  23. School Shooting

    Reading comprehension and the ability to reason are essential in this case.  The OP talks about a lack of discipline, tolerance for perversion, etc., as being a driving force in today’s school.  When I was 8 years old my father would have me walk to a convenience store about two blocks  from my house. When I got there I would buy a  box of .22 short bullets for 25 cents.  Then my father and I would go to the canal near my house and shoot at turtles and snakes and things floating in the water etc. Sometimes I would do the same thing but he was not with me. So here is a young child allowed to buy bullets and walk on a public roadway with a rifle. No one bothered, no one called the police, no one challenge anything and just excepted that as life.  The point is that anyone could have a firearm and anyone could buy bullets yet we had no mass murders and probably nowhere near the violence of today. There were no gang shootings, people did not have fear to live in a city for being shot randomly, etc. We drove around town with shotguns and rifles exposed in the back of our trucks window racks.  We sometimes brought them to school. People did not call the police and we were in no fear of people breaking into our pickup trucks in a parking lot just to get their hands on any gun that was seen.  In fact there was almost no need because you can simply buy one.   So what has changed? Why could a small child get his hands on a firearm and buy his own ammunition and yet there was no fear in society?   It isn’t the number of guns that is the problem. It is not the access to guns that is the problem because they are much more restricted now than when I was growing up.   Not all but much of the problem is exposed in the OP.   Everybody gets a trophy, no one gets their feelings hurt, you get to walk across the stage and get a diploma even though there is no way you will ever earn one, and other such nonsense of tolerance and no punishment for bad behavior is much of the issue   It isn’t access to guns that is remotely the issue in American society today    
  24. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    We will be at the Legacy one. 
  25. Proven Loser

    The big problem is everyone is a coordinator now days. We have run game/pass game/secondary/front and special teams coordinator. You still have an asst head coach and a discipline coordinator and recruiting coordinator. My favorite is the OC or DC that is in title only. Seems all coaches have titles now. I'm sure hiring committees, sups, and school boards have a hard time with this issue. I do see where coaches with losing records get jobs and that is a head scratcher. I do believe what your supt and former AD's say about you matters in this process. 
  26. never seen a 6:30 curfew on a playoff game before.
  27. Barbers Hill/Tomball Memorial Gm 1 Thursday TM 7:30 GM 2 Friday BH 3:00 No inning strt after 6:30 GM 3 Saturday 5pm U of H
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