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  2. Week 5 Polls

    Maybe things are turning around
  3. He’s back.......

    Tiger has been killing it this week.  He leads by 5 with the back 9 left to play.     He needs Justin Rose to drop back some and Tiger has a chance to win the FedEx Cup
  4. LC(M) @ HJ predictions

    Well we will have 3 starters out. We should be holding those guys out until district starts. 
  5. LC(M) @ HJ predictions

    Think it will be a good game. I Expect the team with the least amount of mistakes to win it 
  6. Crosby at Vidor

    You don't like Crosby ?
  7. BH vs. Dayton

    I’m thinking the bye week couldn’t have came at a better time. We had plenty of players who needed the break to get healthy again. If our offense comes out and plays the way they played friendswood the first half and porter the second half we will be okay. We have plenty of talent just been making mistakes. Can’t wait for Friday to be here. I think Dayton will surprise some people when they see what they can do when everyone is healthy. Win or lose keep ur headed up boys and play every game like it’s ur last.  #Bronconation
  8. Week 5 Polls

    K-State hasn’t looked great.  Win that and there is a good chance GameDay will be at the State Fair in 2 weeks.  
  9. TCU @ Texas

    That’s a funny statement coming from a UT fan
  10. Liberty @ Splendora Predictions ?

    Liberty will win. Splendora defense is small and slow. 
  11. BH vs. Dayton

    I just want to see Dayton get back to the winning tradition. Seeing them losing is heartbreaking.  
  12. Week 4 Games

    Told you
  13. Liberty @ Splendora Predictions ?

    I hope liberty puts it on splendora 
  14. Nederland vs Santa Fe

    The game will be decided by a few penalties in Neds favor. 
  15. Crosby at Vidor

    BINGO ! 
  16. Jasper @ LaMarque

    While I love the enthusiasm with the score predictions (and of course I think/want the DAWGS get a win) and La marque not being the same as they were during that remarkable run they once had. It is still La marque and they gonna strap up and bring it come game time. Jasper needs that.  
  17. Week 5 Polls

    Maybe the Horns will have more than one week in the polls!
  18. Looks like the the second worst team in the league is on their way to beating the worst.  Texans putting a drive together as I type, maybe they win.
  19. Today
  20. Hall of Fame Boycot

    The players know what they're in for when they choose football for a living.  Cry me a river.  Take care of business while you're making millions, and you should be able to handle retirement.  But, the majority can't take of business.
  21. Crosby at Vidor

    Go Vidor!  
  22. BH vs. Dayton

    Baytown Suns, area stat leaders article is why this is anyone who shows up to plays game. Dayton has a top 5 QB, 2 top 10 running backs, 2 top 10 receivers, a #5 offense, and a number 2 defense out of 32 area teams, so this is why Dayton has a chance to do some damage this year. All we gotta do is quit shooting ourselves in the foot, do our assignments and stay healthy. Broncos got this one. 
  23. Crosby at Vidor

    Heart hopes Vidor wins, head says Crosby.  Best chance for Pirates is limiting the penalties and no turnovers.  Hoping the game turns out something like OU vs Army with a different result.  Keep the ball away, (OU limited to 40 plays) and control the clock, (Army had the ball for almost 45 minutes).
  24. Week 5 Polls

    AP #18 Texas  #25 Tech    Coaches #22 Texas
  25. Crosby at Vidor

    I believe a muddy field does favor Crosby, the mud hurts the pulling lineman and the cuts the backs make. The running game that it helps is straight ahead power running games, that Vidor has not showed but may have. The muddy field also makes it difficult to cover receivers. This is why the BH game a couple of years ago turned out the way it did. 
  26. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    Good for y’all. It’s all about matchups, I’m just saying our history against the slot t has been pretty good. Now with that said, this is not our best year defensively. So I will not be surprised if y’all drive the field on us. I’m just saying this will be Woodville’s biggest test. 
  27. Crosby at Vidor

    You mention the BH game from 2 years ago? The same season we ran well against you on turf and was in the playoff game until the end. "Rain will help Crosby"???  The rain and field conditions nearly always favor the best running team.  When was the last time you played on wet grass? I realize SETX board rule #100 is a Cougar fan must reply in every thread.  How sweet it will be if Vidor pulls it out. Winner of the TO battle will win the game. Vidor - 34 Crosby - 30
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