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  2. She probably thinks y2k was the end of the world. And the Mayan calendar ended in 2012
  3. Actually said the Nederland HC has done a respectable job.  Just won't get you a State Championship.  But, I did question how thorough the search for a HC was by Nederland.   PS -- Port Neches has a nice stadium and should be able to pay their HC well.  So -- what's their excuse?!
  4. The sad part about this is she actually believes this!  SMH!
  5. Why troll on this website. U should devote your time elsewhere deleting posts that hurt your feelings. LMFAO!  Ridiculous.  By the way the DAWGS  are gonna beat the brakes off center again next year.

  6. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    She’s the best!   The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change
  7. Bmt United New Ranking

    Moved up one spot...  Not bad...
  8. After a career high of 34 points in a win against Cleveland on Friday, Maylin Stampley is up for the vote for Roy Report Media statewide player of the week.   Vote once per hour until Friday at noon here: 
  9. No of course not. But there should be way to keep govt equal. Let's start by getting rid of lobbyist and corrupt politicians. I proposed term limits to force Congress to make progress while they are there.
  10. Democratic Nominee 2020

    The freak show continues.  I love it!
  11. Rams @ Saints

    1st and goal from the 3. I think it's safe to say they get some sort of points. Just for odds though, the refs cost the Saints a 99.9% chance of playing in the Super Bowl
  12. JAN. 22 PICKEMS

    United West Brook Deer Park BH PNG Ned GCM Texas City Center Huntington Huffman Shepherd Silsbee Lumberton  LCM Diboll Central Heights Newton Buna EC Hardin Coldspring Hempstead Shelbyville West Hardin   TB  127
  13. Money or Russian help.   I couldn't help it 
  14. Yes, after money comes power, but all the money in the world (literally) couldn't get Hillary elected, so the people do have a voice.
  15. So are you saying everything would be hunky dory if we could just separate the wealthy from their money?
  16. 6A Bmt United (29-0) moved up  to #12
  17. Rams @ Saints

    But if the call was made. Can we say for sure that they made the FG? What If it was blocked and returned for a rams TD?
  18. Money equals power. Power to enforce their beliefs and ideas on the rest of us. If you think you voice is being heard, you are wrong. Elected officials don't listen to the people. They only hear those who have the money to pay for their votes.
  19. Beaumont United 49 Deer Park 37/FINAL

    Most would say, “ what great defense to only allow 37pts “ 
  20. As I said earlier in this post.... you have a hang up on TW .....   
  21. Yesterday
  22. I don't disagree aboit falling from the sky. Reagan gets on here constantly bashing coaches. Was against Barrow, and probably still is. My point was, the elite of the elite coaches aren't coming to Nederland with poor facilities and a pay cut
  23. Democratic Nominee 2020

    Unless you throw crooked Hillary in the mix
  24. What is wrong with that?
  25. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    How about investigating the "female dog" that perpetrated this crap, and the dims that pushed it?
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