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  2. GCCISD Turf

    My comment was made about Crosby. SMH. 
  3. GCCISD Turf

  4. GCCISD Turf

    Ok, now if that type of comment was made about Crosby you would be up in arms.  So don't.
  5. Vidor Turf

    Lol, thats ok, the final score is what matters. 
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  7. Absolutely the athletes showed up when he was at Stephenville. I mean Briles is obviously a great coach, but you’re not winning without players....period! Jason Bragg, Brandon Stewart, Glenn Odell, and a few years later Kendall Briles(he finished HS at Wolforth Freindship) just to name a few of the D1 players off of those squads. Stewart split time with one Peyton Manning his first year at Tennessee.    P.S. Buddy Garrity will back me up ok this           
  8. Perez sucks. It’s like batting practice or home run derby pitching.
  9. Good Read

    Please read this article. It isn’t very long. Steve Hilton: Forget Trump, Democrat hypocrites are corrupted by foreign lobbying and cash   Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  10. Wow, this kid is impressive.
  11. Ilhan Omar

    About as long as it takes to pop popcorn in the microwave.  
  12. Ilhan Omar

    Welcome back.  You realize you’re the first liberal to post on here in ages.  We thought y’all had all moved to California.  Course, you could be in California and just wanted to throw in a parting shot.
  13. Media Bias

    Made my day.
  14. You know that.  I know that.  Probably (almost) every poster on here knows that.  Why then are there so many that don’t know?   Do they not teach History anymore in most States?   It’s like these idiots who want Socialism.  Has it ever worked?   And if Capitalism is so bad, why has the United States been the financial leader of the world for a hundred years?   When we had the Great Depression, industrial nations all over the world suffered.   I know.  I’m preaching to the choir, but dang, what’s going on in our country is unfathomable.    It has to be coming from Universities.  Private ones can do as they like, but State run Universities need to be scrutinized.  I admit I’m not aware of how much power our Texas Govt has with ours, but if it has the power, why not require our U’s to teach our young folks the truth, rather than made up liberal s***.  If I was Governor, they could stick that tenure where the sun don’t shine.   Any professor promoting Socialism or Communism, could pack up his or her s*** and move to California.  Big sore spot with me. Anyone that knows the power Texas has over it’s Universities, please respond.
  15. Ilhan Omar

    And some of the stupidity returns!!
  16. Easy there big dog. I’m certainly not taking anything away from Coach Briles, as he’s obviously a great coach, but so is Coach Finney. I’m simply saying that Briles is not starting from scratch and is going into a pretty good situation. Coach Finney did an incredible job there at MV, as he’s done at every place he’s been. I think we can both agree that there are plenty of great coaches out there that don’t have a state title on their resume. All this being said I’m glad to see Coach Briles get a second chance and I don’t think there’s any doubt he will be successful.
  17. Nothing better than SETX football, enjoy my opinion before I start spitting facts come August. Predictions coming soon. 
  18. Not sure your point.  But the fact:  Art Briles -- 4 State Championships.   Josh Finney -- 0 State Championships.   Art Briles didn't "need" anyone's athletes when he won 4 State Championships at Stephenville after not winning one the previous 73 years.  And he doesn't need anyone's now.  If he stays long enough, he'll bring Mount Vernon a State Championship.  What in his past would make anyone think otherwise?!
  19. College World Series

    Good field next year at Minute Maid with Texas finally coming back.    SEC vs Big 12 LSU, Arky, Missouri  Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor
  20. Art Briles returns to Texas High School Football

    Mount Vernon ISD made a statement by hiring Art Briles as the high school's new head football coach and athletic director. On Monday, the community has a chance to speak out. (via @JoeJHoyt) #txhsfb     This should be interesting. 
  21. This Board Needs....

    Since it’s Fathers Day, my wife asked if I could tell dad jokes all day tomorrow. I told her I don’t know anyone named Morrow.
  22. Wanted wish all the dads a Happy Father’s Day 
  23. Yesterday
  24. How bout them Broncos!

    Prayers on your continued recovery!
  25. How bout them Broncos!

    I haven't posted in a while been dealing with a lot of personal issues health wise but my family is doing better right now by the grace of God. Dayton 0-10 last season I don't know what the outcome will be this up-coming season but I don't think the Broncos will go 0-10 again this year. I really hope they improve and play like they were 10 years ago.   Go Broncos 2019
  26. Ilhan Omar

    How long will you last this time?
  27. Ilhan Omar

    ^^^ Racial hate speech. ^^^ 
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