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    Your absolutely correct and does nothing for either team! Wish there was more competitive teams in this district,  because it effects the teams in the playoffs when we play another team that can compete! Not use to having to step it up a notch! It is what it is! 
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  4. Transrace?

    Oh, I didn't see that you beat me to it. 
  5. Transrace?

    Occasionally. But I live in China, so my schedule is a bit different from yours. 
  6. Transrace?

    "Great big eyes that looked like ball bearings"
  7. Transrace?

    Lol, texanabroad is in China.  I ate a big meal to late, so my stomach woke me up.  Time I found the Alka-seltzer, my eyes are wide open.  About 3 hrs from now I'll be urinated at myself for not being able to go back to sleep  
  8. Transrace?

    Not a psychological disorder?  I'm reminded of around1960 & they'd play comedy routines on the radio.  Brother Dave Gardner had one "The Haunted House".  A guy takes the challenge to spend the night.  Early on, an "avg monster" comes in & ask, You gonna be here when John gets here?  Man was shook up but said yes?  Monsters got worse & about the 3rd one to come was so ugly, when the monster ask the question about John, the trembling man said, if you ain't John I'm gone (condensed version lol).  And that's how I see this cutting limbs off - If that isn't a psychological disorder, I don't wanna see what you call one.
  9. Transrace?

    Do you people sleep
  10. A real discussion about visitor logs at the WH?  Wow, that's a zinger.  Obama had them released daily so everyone could see all the celebrities he had visiting.  Besides, according to many on the left, Trumps spends most of his time in Florida golfing, so he could have his clandestine visitors there. Honestly we1, I hope after he's through being President we look back and are able to say, "He'd been a great President if he'd just released those WH visitor logs".
  11. I just wonder if this provides the opportunity for another area coach to "Fedora" his current employer?
  12. Wonder if the power has just gone to his head?
  13. Are you guys tired of winning yet?

    I would love to see many things done. My biggest concern by far was the makeup of the SCOTUS. With my comparison to Hillary however, the bar can be set very low.  To outdo a potential Hillary administration, victory will be achieved if Gorsuch is confirmed. Anything else in the next 3 years and 10 months is dessert. 
  14. Transrace?

    Good post!!
  15. Who would win?

    The gorilla is very smart so if this fight was to happen it's only because the gorilla knows he will win. My opinion if it's a charge the bear if it's a face to face gorilla.
  16. Are you guys tired of winning yet?

    Why set the bar so low. No wall nothing on imagination nothing on healthcare etc. and after 4 years you'll be satisfied with just a judge. He owes it to his voters to accomplish more than that.
  17. Transrace?

    Can people be born gay? My opinion is no. I believe the devil temp us with all sins. Lying stealing etc.dont see why he also wouldn't use homosexuality. but those who believe God called them to be gay is sadly mistaken. Same with any other situation God made us in his image nothing you can do to change this fact.
  18. Silsbee will be super solid next season as well. Chris Martin cam flat out ball and I think Landon Tyler and Bass will the big 2 off the bench. I'm sure there will be others to step up like Adonis and maybe Tre Newton returns. The starting lineup will be Devin 6-3, Jordyn 6-4, Martin 6-1, Bush 5-8 and Barne 6-3.  I could see a 2-3 inch growth spirt in Martin and Bush. Tyler is close to 5-9 and Bass about 6-4. 
  19. Who will be competing for the starting quarterback for next season..
  20. Transrace?

    No, it doesn't. I read an article the other day about transabled people. These are people who are amputating limbs because they believe they were born to be disabled. And these people claim it isn't a psychological disorder.
  21. Transrace?

    Being stupid ain't got no end.
  22. Kirbyville open Neece turns in resignation

    I was talking about Barbay winning a state title as the OC not Neece 
  23. Kirbyville open Neece turns in resignation

    I was quoting you when you said win state as the OC referring to Neece
  24. Kirbyville open Neece turns in resignation

    He was here before as defensive coordinator.   He has lots of friends and connections over here. What's wrong with Kirbyville? Nobody said it was a top job but other than maybe WOS there is not many top jobs around here. Don't think for one minute Neece will be some sort of miracle hire that will get Newton over the hump to another state title. One towns trash is another towns treasure. It's not that he wants to win a state title there's more to it than that. He just received a two year extension over here and still leaves something don't add up. Best wishes to him hope he lands a gig he will prosper at. If he don't want to be here we don't want him here. It's not like he landed a AD/HC job he took a demotion and the way I see it he quit on the boys here and the community. 
  25. Kirbyville open Neece turns in resignation

    Yes  he I'll leave for a HC job but why on earth would he want to go to Kirbyville? That's not a top job and Barbay can land a better gig than Kirbyville fella 
  26. Kirbyville open Neece turns in resignation

    Barbay is the OC get your information right it says Neece will be the QB coach 
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