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  2. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Haven't seen evadale. Hf beat legacy last week
  3. Congrats to the new coach  and nothing against him but I have feeling in 3 to 4 years there will probably be another opening unless he can really win there. Good luck unless your playing the Bears
  4. BH wins on a walkoff single. 4-3 Final Congrats Lady Eagles!  Go represent the toughest district in the state 21-5A! 
  5. NCAA Softball Regionals

    Ags choked away a win against #2 Florida in the 7th. 2 errors that would have ended the game, then bases loaded walks to tie and win the game.  Brutal.   Florida wins 5-4
  6. 1 win away! But CP3 is hurt....
  7. Coach Griffith

  8. BH gets out of the jam.  Going into the bottom of the 7th tied 3-3.
  9. 8-2 Salado is the final 
  10. Elgin ties it up 3-3 & still batting w/runners on 1st & 2nd
  11. College Baseball 2018

    Decent win tonight over the guy that will be drafted #1 overall in a few weeks.   Ags advance to the semis with a 4-2 win over Auburn.  
  12. I cannot believe that clubs like this give one person authorization to make deposits and withdrawals.  You've got to have at least two people authorized & must co-sign.  This happens about every 5 years.  Dumb, dumb, dumb. 
  13. And you thought you had a bad day at work....

    Bet it's okay to do that at Starbucks.  
  14. PA Memorial Head Coach

    Great for Lewis! Still a big time shock.
  15. Georgetown 3 Kingwood Park 2 Final   
  16. Coach Griffith

    Hey guys, I got some information that Coach Griffith is in Houston recovering from cancer surgery. Please lift him up in your prayers. 
  17. Burchett threw 6 2/3  and Rice finished throwing 1/3 for us and they threw about 5 different guys. Going to be a good ball game tomorrow night west is no slouch 
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