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  2. Trump admits Russia interfered

    Now you know better than t Obama told the Russians that we also had capabilities and would use them if they didn't back off. he also offered help to the state's election boards and our government put in countermeasures, What else should he have done, a full out cyber war, or maybe just nuke them. He put in sanctions that Trump team were it appears were trying to signal the Russian wouldn't be upheld under the new administration. It's obvious that you only read and hear what you agree with. Open up that mind and look at the whole picture.
  3. Trump admits that he lied

    I'm  not trying to tell him off, just an exchange of thoughts, we look at the world through a different prism, just trying to get across to him that the world is not necessarily like he views it nor the way I see it. It's probably a mixture.
  4. Black Unemployment Lowest in 17 Years

    According to the article it was Feb 8.1 - March 8.0 - April 7.9 - May 7.5  So the longer Trump's been in, the better it's getting.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Hopefully, the people benefitting from Trumps presidency will remember next Election Day.
  5. Trump admits that he lied

    Calling Trump every name in the book with no supporting evidence. Are you really that dense? Scratch that, I'm still laughing at the "double dare" comment to realize that was a stupid question.
  6. Trump admits that he lied

    How come you haven't answered any of my questions? Are you so embarrassed to realize you are a Liberal sheeple that you can't even defend your statements, just like the other Liberals chiming in. Are you really so desperate for attention that you feel the need to comment on others conversations but run from direct questions. Most people feel embarrassment and shame for dodging questions. What is it about Liberals that seem to be void of basic shameful emotions? It must be that superiority holier than thou attitude that seems to inoculate you from certain shame. You are supposedly an RN. Is this some new drug recently developed?
  7. Traveling.

    I will be at Minute Maid Park Monday, the 17th, watching the Astros take on the Mariners. Sitting behind home plate looking down the 3rd baseline 34 rows back. Think they are good seats....according to "seat geek".
  8. Trump admits that he lied

    Hey no thin skin here, now tell what did I say that you mistook for an attack?  Come on I double dare you?   NAME IT!
  9. Traveling.

    Disney world and Orlando is on my bucket list.   
  10. Will Bremond Go Undefeated -AGAIN

    One player makes a huge difference down in 2A. Look at Kolten Mackey going to Evadale. They probably would have been good anyways, but they went to another level with Mackey there. I can't imagine Bremond will be the juggernaut they've been because of that.
  11. Trump admits Russia interfered

    What action did Obama take? He was scared to death of Putin.
  12. I'm close friends with Westbrook and he told me Coach Thompson DID contact him about going back, and appreciated the offer, but he was going to stay at Jasper.
  13. BG response.....I know, right?
  14. Trump admits that he lied

    People in glass houses......nurse Annie.
  16. What you don't understand is that you have to live with it. Ah, the beauty of the Supreme Court. Trump will be so pleased that he could accommodate you.
  17. “One of the candidates, as you'll recall, was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way,” Johnson said. “And so we were concerned that, by making the statement, we might in and of itself be challenging the integrity of the election process itself.” ------- So to put it in plain  folk talk Obama was silent on Russian interference because he did not want to help his political opposition. Wow! Is all I can say.   
  18. Trump admits that he lied

    Fee Dee told you off. Ooo wee
  19. Trump admits that he lied

    Lol. I agree wholeheartedly. Some of these people are craaaaazy....
  20. Black Unemployment Lowest in 17 Years

    The stock market took off immediately after election. The first thing he did was deregulate which made several companies relocate their companies here. All won't comply because of cheap labor. Tough to compete for jobs against that. Exactly why he wants to put America first. Things can't happen overnight for BG. Policies take time to make a huge difference, but how can one complain with what he is trying to do? Please answer, exactly what did Obama do for the black man? I say nothing.
  21. Trump admits that he lied

    I know, right
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  23. SCOTUS Approves Part of Trump Travel Ban   I can live with this..
  24. Black Unemployment Lowest in 17 Years

    BG, who do you get to write this for you? Where is your usual....."yeah, right"?
  25. Black Unemployment Lowest in 17 Years

    Lmao at someone who says he has been in office long enough to be bad, but not long enough to have done any good. What kind of yo-yo thinks like that? Oh yeah, a lib.
  26. Trump admits Russia interfered

    Trump admitted that they interfered, he has the intelligence reports, and if you read the article i posted, Obama took action. Trump is a FAKE president.
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