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  2. Kountze vs Newton Area round

    I guess they didn't want to play in Evadale or Buna
  3. Larry Neumann to Retire

    Big Day in Bulldog Land as they bring in their finalists...Heck they may even ride the winner around in the Heritage Festival Parade!!
  4. Used to be that when you read a newspaper, the headlines and other news items were indeed factual. If someone had an opinion, it was under the editorial or commentary title. Nowadays, everyone's opinion is infused in every story. Question : Has anyone ever seen as much coverage of any president's EVERY move as much as we have seen for Trump? He has a legitimate complaint. I would have already sued for libel and gone after the individuals that went after his kids.
  5. 2016 Willie Ray Smith Award winners

    Silsbee has had 5 WRS now. Jay McGuire William Moresby Jeremy Johnson  Patrick Reed  Calvin Tyler 
  6. Another interesting article I saw today.  I attribute the rise in sightings to the fact that aliens have a good sense of humor, and get close to watch The Big Bang Theory.
  7. 3A region 3

    I think Buna and Kountze better step it up big time if they want to go much further. Those two games were way to close for bi-district games against low-seeded teams. I am also more worried about Buna getting past LaMarque in round 3 (if they make it that far). Kirbyville gave Buna and Kountze fits in district, and LaMarque absolutely destroyed them. But its the playoffs, so you never know.
  8. I heard a rumor that the three habitable planets will be named Nederland, Vidor, and Evadale, since you and I are at the forefront of this alien business.  
  9. Wow, all this time I thought the media's job was to report news.  
  10. Evadale - Alto

    I'm taking Evadale as well
  11. I was wondering the same
  12. 3A region 3

    I agree!
  13. Spurger vs. Beaumont Ozen, 9:00 am Liberty vs. Port Arthur Memorial, 11:30 am Spurger vs. Onalaska, 2:00 pm Splendora vs. Hamshire-Fannett, 4:30 pm Onalaska vs. Kountze, 7:00 pm
  14. Thursday games: At Hemphill: Newton vs Colmesneil, 12:30 pm Shelbyville vs. Zavalla, 3:00 pm Hemphill vs. Shelbyville, 5:30 pm At Pineland (West Sabine) Broaddus vs. Lafayette, LA, 12:30 pm Joaquin vs. Baton Rouge, LA, 3:00 pm Wet Sabine vs. Warren, 5:30 pm      
  15. Thursday Games: Kirbyville vs. Livingston, 8:00 am Kirbyville vs. Bridge City, 10:00 am Hardin-Jefferson vs. Vidor, 12:00 pm Lumberton vs. West Orange-Stark, 2:00 pm Silsbee vs. Vidor, 4:00 pm Jasper vs. West Orange-Stark, 6:00 pm Silsbee vs. Beaumont West Brook, 8:00 pm
  16. Today
  17. BISD Forensic Audit results

    THEY?  Have you ever seen me defend Obama?  Have you seen me even talk about Obama?   And who are 'they'?
  19. Kountze vs Newton Area round

    why is this being played so far from both schools
  20. BISD Forensic Audit results

    same way they defend obama
  21. Ole Miss

    The Grove is an amazing place and Oxford is a beautiful town. Some of the best game day atmosphere in college sports and I am talking mainly about my experience with baseball. My niece and nephew are Ole Miss grads. They loved it there. That being said, not sure why you are paying players unless it is just how business is done.
  22. 2016 Willie Ray Smith Award winners

    Congrats to those two!
  23. The only question I have is. If the program doesn't win consistent for the nxt couple years who fault will it be then?? Bcz seems like everyone bashing foreman.just wondering if they will bash the new coach that's coming in. I just hope it's a coach that gets kids to college. From wat I read foreman done a great job of that.
  24. 3A region 3

    I think the Hempstead & East Bernard game will be good 
  25. 3A region 3

    Mine are the same except I have Hempstead over Kountze now 
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