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  2. #1☆SILSBEE☆ Vs W.O.S.

    There's always that one person ....smh
  3. See and I was trying to make you younger than you really are LOL
  4. Poor Hillary

    Trump should let her announce her candidacy for Mayor, then indict her.        
  5. DNC Chair Candidate Bashes Whites

    LOL!  This coming from a white woman.  More proof that liberalism is a mental disease!!
  6. Keystone XL

    I understand what you are saying, but The Keystone Pipeline should have never been stopped to begin with.  You should look at a pipeline map of our area.  It's all covered by pipelines!  Obama's claim that it's bad for the environment is BS. I believe the bigger issue was Warren Buffett lining people's pockets so his trains could keep moving oil across the country.  
  7. #1☆SILSBEE☆ Vs W.O.S.

    HAHA Now that was good
  8. #1☆SILSBEE☆ Vs W.O.S.

    Hey..... Since You up there tell Barnes 1catch 7yards X2
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