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  2. I think they have 4, twice:    1952-1955 1974-1977    
  3. Leftys

    Please point out any discrepancies in this video. Thanks in advance....
  4. Who has clinched???

    its an 18 point max but the outcome in a 3 way tie would be the same
  5. Surely the Indians have more playoff appearances in a row than 5?!
  6. Will Fox be putting the World Series on the flagship channel or will the MLB continue to be preempted by compelling games like TCU-Kansas?
  7. Strong win for the Titans.  What has happened in Livingston?  Seem like they have had a few down years. Is it enrollment, talent, coaching or just outmatched?
  8. Who has clinched???

    Yes, I think it's a 17pt max. So in a 3 way to it would be Visor +10 (+17,-7), Ned +3 (+7,-4) and Central -13 (-17,+4).
  9. Correct me if I am mistaken; but should the NDN's punch a ticket to the 2017 playoffs; this will be the first time in school history that the varsity football team will have made the playoffs 5 years in a row? Granted; under the current format with four teams advancing - it is not a difficult task.  But was surprised to hear this if it is true. 
  10. Playoffs

    Yea Notre Dame, before any big 12 team 
  11. Didn't they used to alternate years where they played DH every game and next season no DH?
  12. We just need to steal one in LA and we got this..
  13. Playoffs

    Does anyone think a 1 loss big 12 team or an undefeated TCU will make it over a 1 loss Notre Dame team? Notre Dame looks amazing right now
  14. NFL tells players to STAND

    Looks like your freedom of speech has its limitations in the workplace.
  15. Picture

    You click on your pic/account on the top, upper right hand corner of the page (where it shows your messages or emails) and pull that arrow down.  That will give you a list of items; one being Profile.  Choose that, and on your profile pic, there should be a camera icon; click that and it should allow you to Upload, import or remove.
  16. DH in Houston.  Pitchers hit in LA
  17. Went to this one. My first 6-man game. I was learning on the fly, but it's an exciting game. Union Hill and High Island have some history from late 70's early 80's when they were 11 man. The Hill has a very good team. 
  18. Week 8

    I'm not sold on my canes yet. Virginia tech and Notre dame will tell us how for real we are
  19. NFL tells players to STAND

    Aren't we getting a bit picky? I mean Michelle didn't know what to do with the gift. She was lost. Is that what we have come to?   
  20. Ticket prices are nuts.  You can sit 11 rows behind the dugout for only $5k a ticket plus fees.    
  21. Today
  22. Who has clinched???

    Not likely but in that scenario Memorial would also be 5-2 because Vidor would have to beat Memorial in order for that to play out. It would then go to the 18 point tiebreak system.
  23. NFL tells players to STAND

    So Trump made the statement "Wouldn't you love to see..." and you interpret that as Trump demanding the owners fire the players? I can see Big Girl regurgitating that Liberal nonsense, but didn't think anybody else could possibly fail that miserably on a simple statement. Hate can be a helluva... Maybe Trump engaged Obama first to make sure Obama wasn't sporting his manhood. Trump was just protecting his wife. And I would much rather have a President that does things that are mis-interpreted as "bad" or egotistical than have a President that lies directly to the face of the American people and the Liberal media says and does nothing. The blatant hypocrisy is on full display.
  24. NFL tells players to STAND

      The idiot leaving his wife behind
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