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  2. West Orange Stark Mustangs vs Sweeny Bulldogs

    Competing on jump balls!!!  well said
  3. Area Round New Caney vs Georgetown

    I'm not sure how to call this game. I usually make it to 1 or 2 Georgetown games a year, and 1 or 2 New Caney games. This year I have not seen either one in person. Looking at what little video I can find of New Caney, it looks like they have a pretty athletic QB. Georgetown is playing a different style of football this season than the past few years. More smash mouth than high-octane. They held Seguin who averaged 47 points a game to only 6 points last week, and completely controlled the line of scrimmage. It will be interesting to see how they match up.
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  5. Wow, you would think someone who is a head coach of a girls’ program (and whose son coaches the boys’ program) at a local school wouldn’t be posting lewd comments about person’s wife and their son on a high school forum, posting “sttdb” on the college forum (you can google that vulgar phrase in connection with LSU, folks), all the while demonstrating a minimal grasp of the English language.  Boy, the Bridge City folks sure must be proud.  
  6. West Orange Stark Mustangs vs Sweeny Bulldogs

    Good Post, I noticed that Sweeny has a few players who are un-disciplined especially, #9 he is one of their main players he runs at the back position and receives the long ball. WOS cannot get into a pushing, or smack talking game with this team. We need to stay focused, and conditioning will also be a factor in this game.
  7. I’m surprised.  This is 30 points different than I anticipated.  I have no idea what it means. It’s a very good start for PA obviously.  With so many question marks this is a huge confidence builder.  They have to be thrilled about it.  For the Tigers?  It’s a tough start for another very challenging preseason.  Oh well, once more into the breach dear friends, once more!
  8. Nederland Tourney

    A little bit of love to PNG JV and Freshman teams! JV won the Silver bracket and the Freshman finish 2nd! It used to be if you saw PNG on the schedule it was an almost guaranteed win, not anymore, things are changing for The Lady Indians Basketball program on The Rez! Keep it up ladies!
  9. Good observation.  I love Dev, Jordyn, and all the other good players past & present, but if Silsbee had Bush, playing his game, they would have beaten Lincoln in that championship game. He was in the 8th grade then. Bush started last season shooting luke warm, and the team started slow.  Bray was red hot when they played Yates in the regional final and stayed hot during the state championship tournament and the rest is history.  
  10. Nederland Tourney

    Does anybody know if Ned or HF won?
  11. Saw HH Friday evening against Ltown.  Solid team.  Quick and savvy.  If they had a tall post, they’d be a handful for just about anyone.  Not sure what they still may have in football, but they’re already good.
  12. Wow, could have lost money on this one.
  13. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    It’s not that the passing game has been none existent without him it’s that they haven’t really had to throw the ball the last 5 to 6 weeks. Without him Newton was still averaging over 150 yards a game passing according to the stats on max preps. They have multiple receivers who have been playing while he was out. Another of the receivers who was feeling in got hurt couple weeks ago and he should be back this week as well. The passing game will be fine they just haven’t had to pass they have been putting teams away before the half and starters have been sitting and there has been a lot of handoffs to run the clock out. But I see Coach Neece this week opening the playbook back up with all the players back and healthy. Looking forward to it. Also Newton could win the title with or without brown. They have plenty of fire power on this team. They don’t need just one guy to get them over the top. Although having Brown is just a really good bonus for the Eagles. I personally am looking forward to seeing him run around and making plays again though. 
  14. Area Round New Caney vs Georgetown

    Correct, I posted that on the thread created for area games.
  15. Area Round Dates, Places and Times

    TAPPS 3A Div 4 Beaumont Legacy Christian Academy Warriors vs Shiner St. Paul Cardinals  7pm Friday November 23rd @ the Woodlands Christian Academy High School   
  16. Good 1st of many wins for the Wolves!!!
  17. West Orange Stark Mustangs vs Sweeny Bulldogs

    Just a few observations coming into this game: 1. I was impressed by the speed of WOS overall and really the speed of our skill players last Thursday. It was nice to finally get a dry, turf field. 2. Speed aside, all WOS fans need to remember that Huntington was not very good and we can't put much stock into that blow out. 3. Sweeny has played a weak schedule. Only 4 teams with a winning record and 3 of those barely winning. I feel certain had WOS played the same schedule we would be 11-0 and probably leading the state defensively. You can only play the teams on your schedule, but you cannot ignore how the lack of quality teams plays into their record and stats. I think the tight game against a 6-4 LaGrange proves that fact. 4. During the season, the Bulldogs have only played 1 team with similar team speed to WOS and that was Wharton, who they lost to. 5. WOS will need to tackle, play good run defense and our Cornerbacks are going to have to start competing on these jump balls everyone we play is throwing at them. If we get a PI or two, so what... They are going to get us for a couple no matter what we do. Maybe if they know we'll compete they'll stop trying. We do that and we should be good.
  18. #25 UAB at Texas A&M

    But then again, I saw maybe 2 plays.
  19. #25 UAB at Texas A&M

  20. Jasper vs. Bellville - Area Round

    If that rematch comes it needs to be played in Lumberton.  
  21. Area Round Dates, Places and Times

    Class 3AD1 Franklin vs Troy friday 7pm, Waco isd
  22. Orangefield 42 Vidor 57/FINAL

    Awesome to hear. I can’t wait to see the next one that’s adopted. 
  23. The first quarter and a half Silsbee was running and they built a good lead. The rest of the game was pretty much a half court game, which favored Memorial. They played a good game. Watch out for Adams this year, he's a beast. 
  24. Area Round New Caney vs Georgetown

    Maxpreps says the game is 1pm Friday.
  25. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    indian4ever, you a 2 decade long broken record... and you skip, and you play the wrong song most of the time.  
  26. Knowing the family personally, there’s no doubt in my mind he’d still been adopted if 5’10”.  They adopted a young man in need.  Basketball was just the catalyst that brought them together.  
  27. Orangefield 42 Vidor 57/FINAL

    Because I adopted a 6-10 kid??? Or because I disagree with you and always prove you wrong????
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