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  2. Goodrich 144 Chester 6  Ouch
  3. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

  4. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates my bet was safe.  As most of them are...
  5. Who did Goodrich Beat by over 100 points in 1997??
  6. Transgender: Real or Mental Illness ?

    Be careful with them wives baddog, they crazy.  I got one like that  
  7. WO-S vs PNG scrimmage

    I wouldn't want to be standing between the lines when the ball is snapped.  Figure you'll hear the pads poppin.
  8. 2 move ins in PA Memorial

    Very good.  And arguably one of the best guards, certainly offensively.  Meanwhile, your Jags' Williams has moved back to Cleveland...
  9. WO-S vs PNG scrimmage

    I know of a team that plays both of these teams that probably needs to be in attendance...
  10. Today
  11. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Rather telling me what you said, let's look at what you actually said in response to this question " Do you agree with the Big GIrl theory that all Republicans are not racist but all racists are Republicans?": "No.  But in the present day, I would say the vast majority are.  I would wager you would be hard pressed to find a democrat supporter in the white supremacists in Charlottesville last week. Comversely, they were quite vocal in their support for Trump. " Contrary to what you believe and I like you and quite frankly am glad you didn't take that wager as Jason Kessler, the organizer of that white nationalist shindig in Charlottesville, has been pointed out by the Southern Poverty Law Center, no friend of the white nationalist movement, as having indications of being an Obama supporter and former Occupy movement member. The branding that I talk about that supposedly shows my lack of reading comprehension is that your lone piece to support your claim, taken from your own very words, that racists are "in the vast" majority Republicans is the ranting of David Duke, a guy whose views have been condemned by Republican and Democrat alike...and even your favorite target, Donald Trump. Finally, you didn't comprehend my point: which is that racists are not just wrapped in white skin which is what you have attempted to imply by pointing solely to white supremacists as racists.  Well my friend, that is simply not the case.  The likes of Shaun King and many elements of Black Lives Matter also hold that racist tag.  So do the New Black Panthers, who, as the same Southern Poverty Law Center stated that: NBPP members also hold black-supremacist religious beliefs. Some think that blacks are God's true "chosen people" and that the people normally called "Jews" actually are impostors (this ideology is remarkably similar to the white racist theology of Christian Identity, which says whites are God's real chosen people). They believe that blacks are naturally superior to people of other races. In September 1997, Khalid Muhammad said that he could not be anti-Semitic because Jews had no claim to the term "Semite."  I doubt that you would find a New Black Panther Party Member or Black Lives Matter at any function claiming to be Republican, unless of course it is to disrupt it.  But I'll leave this entry for you to view: Although they hold, as the SPLC points out, many of the same views of white supremacists (of course replacing "white" with "black"), for some reason they were repeatedly left out, hopefully by mere oversight, of the population of racists that occupy American soil as discussed in this topic.    
  12. 2 move ins in PA Memorial

    This Jones kid.  Is he good?  I heard that one of those guards is arguably one of the best guards in SETX...
  13. Da Panther, da Jaguar, and da bear 2017

    Hey, no rhyming, but I still like it..
  15. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    But you also said in an earlier post that most racists in the present day are Republicans, right?
  16. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    I really thought you were messing with me.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt since I had an autocorrect of "most" to "almost" and an "and" was "an" in the explanation I gave that you said wasn't needed.  Here it is again: "BUT to spell it out for you, someone asked if I thought more racists were republican.  I said certainly most republicans weren't (in direct contradiction of one of your premises of MY point).  Then I said that I would bet that most of the idiots who marched on Charlottesville WERE Trump supporters.  After which I posted a video of Duke (their keynote speaker to be at the event) saying THEY believed they were carrying out Trump's campaign promises or something to that effect. So your diatribe of how I was branding an entire party, along with some examples to the contrary that were a little less recent than last week (to say the least) was off point, off issue and otherwise irrelevant to the discussion.  Maybe that will save you some time..."
  17. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    So, no answer? Do you buy into the nonsense that Republicans are racist?
  18. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Don't make me come find you LRF!  
  19. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    So what was your point with the David Duke post?  
  20. WO-S vs PNG scrimmage

    Sure hope so 
  21. I'm not sure it is what he was looking for, but that gets points from me!
  22. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    I am quite certain YOU did.  I'm not sure he did when he exclaimed that I attempted to "brand the Republican Party" on the basis of one idiot. I clearly said something to the contrary earlier and was equally clearly making a point about who those idiots support, not the Party supporting the idiots.  A simple reading of the posts leading up to the video would reveal this.   And obviously both parties have plenty of idiots to go around...
  23. Da Panther, da Jaguar, and da bear 2017

    Once upon a time, there was a Panther, a Jaguar and a Bear in the forest. They were feasting on a little Tiger when suddenly some Indians showed up and set their Bulldogs loose to tree them. They were fighting back with all their might when suddenly from out of the blue they were attacked by a bunch of Raiders and Pirates on the fastest Mustangs you've ever seen. After all the commotion they were left in a shambles when suddenly a flock of birds flew in to feed on their carcasses, there were Hawks and Eagles and even Cardinals. In the end there was nothing left of them. All of this was witnessed by a Titan hiding behind a tree. The End     Now is this what you are looking for? 
  24. LOL!. I will wait as well as I don't want to kill the vibe, either.  Because, just like my beloved Mustangs, I have been accused of hitting too hard.
  25. 2 move ins in PA Memorial

    One isn't a move in.  Jamyus Jones went to Sabine Pass previously but has resided in PA throughout. He is will certainly help this team.  Not sure who the other one is. 
  26. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    No need to explain what you said, I understood it when you said it...obviously, so did Grad.  
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