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  2. Kirbyville vs Maypearl Regional Semi

    KJAS will be broadcasting the games this weekend.
  3. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    Magnolia is a just a bit northwest of Houston and Robinson is up in Waco (in fact, it is sometimes called "Waco Robinson").  So if anybody has the distance advantage on this one, it is probably WO-S.
  4. Regional Semis Info/Please post here!

    I was told he will likely do WOS on Thursday, and BC on Saturday.
  5. I've never seen or experienced a game like this one was! 
  6. I would think he would do the WO-S vs Robinson because its a 1 gamer, Then he could still do Bridge City games 2 and 3 if needed.
  7. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    Robinson in the past decade has knocked out:  BC (3 times) Regional Semis '11, '12, '16 LCM (Regional Final) '16   I think Orangefield is the last SETX Team to beat the Rockets in Regional Semis back in 2010, before losing to Jasper in Regional Finals.    
  8. Tre hooped this past season. Was on JV
  9. UIl ruling on fights

    BC needs to stay off that Internet!!
  10. A public plea to the SETX board

    To my knowledge I've never seen you start anything, but you have finished it. Now wherher or not you should retaliate when provoked is for you to decide.
  11. I saw him in a playoff game his freshman year vs Sterling where Silsbee was up 30, he and Tre Lowe came in and hit two 3s each. I said then that kid can shoot!!! Is Tre hooping this coming season? 
  12. Separation of Church and State?

    One can be for death as a punishment for a heinous crime committed. The unborn child has not been found guilty of any such act but receives the same sentence. There is no inconsistency or hypocrisy in that line of thinking. One can fully support the death penalty as a punishment without supporting the death penalty for someone that has never committed a crime.
  13. 23-3A All-District

    Superlatives Defensive MVP     Charleigh Allen - Sr.     Hardin MVP                      McKenna Fryar - Sr.     Hardin Newcomer            Hailey Craigen - Fr.       Warren Offensive MVP     Shayla Fisher - Sr.         Hardin Utility MVP           Sabrina Trahan - Sr.      Anahuac Coach of the Year      Randy Snell            Hardin   First Team C     Reagan Dean - Sr.         Kountze DH  Katie Holsomback - Sr.   Kirbyville IF     Jaylyn Davis- Fr.            Hardin IF     Jacie Gilbert- Sr.            Buna IF    Bailey Hamilton - Jr.        Warren IF    MaKenna Wade - Sr.      Kountze OF   Kori Bumstead - Jr.         Kountze OF    Kaitlin Fisher - Sr.          Hardin OF    Sarah Long - Jr.            Buna OF    Aleka Xayaseng - Jr.      Kirbyville P      Marcia Moss - So.           Buna P     Kassidy Welty - Jr.           Buna   Second Team C     Harlie Collier - Fr.               East Chambers C     Haylee Ladner - So.           Buna DH   Taylor Hall - Sr.                 Kirbyville IF     Laikyn Bell - Jr.                 Warren IF     Ty Bergeron - Jr.              Anahuac IF     MaKenzie Brumfield - Jr.  Buna IF    Stefani Gallegos - Sr.        Hardin OF  Kaci Johnston - Sr.            Hardin OF   Joyclyne Landry - Sr.       Anahuac OF   Rachel Lee - Sr.              Warren OF    Lauren LeFevre - Jr.      Buna P     Rebecca McGarity - Sr.   Kountze  
  14. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    Robinson has a history of knocking out southeast Texas schools this deep in the playoffs. They've given BC some fits in the past, and if I'm not mistaken they knocked out LCM last year.  Robinson is always a tough out and they also always make a deep run. Going to be a great game!
  15. CBB Longhorns

    Just announced that he is withdrawing his name from the draft. Great news!
  16. The Feed Store

    Thanks for verifying. I wanted to be sure before I headed out there.
  17. With BC and WOS both playing Thursday night, I wonder which game KOGT will cover? I remeber a while back, Gary could broadcast two games at once by putting one game on the left channel of your radio and the second in the right. Online it was completely separate though. I'm thinking he picks WOS for Thursday since it's a One gamer and BC is a series.
  18. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    Also, didn't we play Robinson during our run the the Baseball SC in '14 or maybe I'm thinking football.
  19. Very solid baseball program. Lots of history! They have played a tough schedule this year. In recent years have normally finished 2nd in district behind perennial state power Robinson. Teams look to be evenly matched this year.   
  20. Separation of Church and State?

    How can one be so holy and be pro life but support the death penalty...,  Im as prolife as it gets im against both.
  21. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    Is it just me or is Robinson way closer to Magnolia than we are?
  22. A public plea to the SETX board

    I think I will give myself a timeout. My apologies for not being positive enough.
  23. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    See! I knew you had it in you. Lol
  24. Separation of Church and State?

    They are not against Christianity unlike the other party.  Everybody is a sinner.  some recognize that and some don't.
  25. Separation of Church and State?

    who supports the murdering of life....also called abortion?   JUST THINK IT COULD OF BEEN YOU THAT WAS ABORTED!!!!!
  26. One of the best things about Landyn.  He never complains, always has a smile on his face and plays his tail off.  He will always be a favorite of the coaches for any team he plays on because he's so easy to coach. 
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