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  2. Local RV Park Owner Just Got A Shock!

    No, its just the left making sure they have sufficient revenues to "take care of the little guy"- aka "compassion"
  3. TDS is causing the end of the Electoral College.  Soon, California and New York will decide who’s president.  Not a scenario I’m happy with.  Basically, if you can’t win by the rules, change the rules.   Anyone else see this as a crisis?   Once again, the thought Texas seceding from the Union, pops into my head.
  4. Local RV Park Owner Just Got A Shock!

    Democrat politicians wanting to subsidize their liberal spending by penalizing entrepreneurs.  Where does the craziness end?
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  6. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    I doubt it. She's more into stalking high school kids and their families.
  7. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Does Karen the bag lady pimp out flight attendants like Tom?
  8. OUCH!!  I'm sure they are not the only ones!
  9. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    I post this link, not as one who is vindicate (which I am of course -  Never think old Hagar would steer you wrong  ), but shame that most of my learned friends didn’t already know this.  Surely you didn’t think a Space Force the Military wants was only for asteroids.  So read this link, you non-believers, skeptics, and flat earth proponents.  Crawl out of your caves and realize what’s been going on for centuries.
  10. The Nederland Bulldogs look to take the next step in their quest for the Class 5A Baseball State Championship as they take on the Magnolia West Mustangs in Game 1 of this Class 5A Region III best of 3 Semifinal tonight! Brian Spell's Bulldogs reached this round with a 2-1 bi-district series win over Galveston Ball followed by a 2-0 area round series sweep over Angleton and then a 2-1 regional quarterfinal series win over Port Neches-Groves. The Mustangs reached this round with a 2-0 bi-district series sweep over Willis, a 2-0 area round series sweep of Pflugerville and 2-0 regional quarterfinal series sweep of Tomball. The winner of this series will face the winner of the Georgetown/Santa Fe series. Join Gerald Sanchez for all of the action from Darryl and Lori Schroeder Park on the campus of the University of Houston in Houston at 6:15 pm by clicking on the following link: Follow Nederland Bulldog playoff baseball on Your Source for Sports in Southeast Texas,!
  11. Caney creek

    16-17 record at Wallis. Which 7 wins there this season is a lot. 
  12. Class 2A Region IV Semifinals 6:00 pm - Evadale Rebels vs. Refugio Bobcats, Sweeny High School, Sweeny (Game 1 of 3 - Winner to face Dallardsville Big Sandy/Mason winner)   Best of luck to the Rebels today as they travel to Sweeny!  Let’s go Rebs!!!!
  13. Caney creek

    Big jumps in just a few seasons, that’s great for him. Wish him the best at CC
  14. Caney creek

    Yes. This is a great hire for CC.
  15. Caney creek

    Wasn’t he jasper OC just a few seasons ago? 
  16. Game 1 of a Class 6A Region III best of 3 Final from Obra D. Tompkins High School in Katy at 6:30 pm The winner of this series will advance to the Class 6A State Championship next week
  17. Game 1 of the Class 5A Region III best of 3 Final from the University of Houston in Houston at 7 The winner of this series advances to the Class 5A State Tournament next week
  18. Game 2 of the Class 3A Region III Best of 3 Final Series Danbury leads this series 1-0
  19. Game 1 of a Class 1A Region III best of 3 Final series from Le Tourneau University in Longview at 6 The winner of this series will advance to the Class 1A State Tournament next week.
  20. Next Year

    No Look- since we should examine all facets of next year, how about  a Gestapo update.  Any new recruits?  Any pending retirements?  Any members considering a Democratic Presidential run?  New radar equipment coming in?  Will the contingent shrink, remain the same or grow in size?  Have the Red Devils considered having them as an escort to away games?
  21. Alright Alabama!

    You gotta admit, there is something contrary to the "I care more" mantra in this instance
  22. 2019 Homeruns....... Varsity only please

    Keegan Turner       SR.       from Liberty finished the year with 9 homeruns.
  23. Alright Alabama! Libs hate it when you try to remove their right to kill babies...smh.

    Rio has hired former Willis head coach Audie Jackson as his DC at chapel hill 
  25. Caney Creek

    They hired Ned Barrier last night 
  26. Caney creek

    Caney Creek has hired Ned Barrier
  27. State Tournament new location?

    We have one more year at the Alamo Dome     Wouldn't mind seeing it back in Austin, new facility being built there and will be open in 2021  or rotate it between Houston/Dallas/SA
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